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    Ramp up your production by drawing on over ten years of professional writing experience. We specialize in attention to detail and fast rewrites for the Entertainment and Media industries.


    First impressions count. Investors, employers, clients, and buyers want the best. Give it to them! Maximize your competitive edge with our professional proofreading services. We proofread almost anything written in English, including scripts, novels, look-books, business plans, and technical articles.

    Production Consulting and Research

    Get a unique point of view. Headed by a psychology Ph.D., our Production Consulting and Research Services department can give your production the real-world data it needs to succeed in front of demanding audiences.

    Production Resources

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    Thanks to a diverse network of contacts, we specialize in finding the ultimate script or connection you're looking for-- above or below the line.

    Please see our awards page or contact us for more information.

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